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Why don't your children Want Your Stuff?

For generations parents have been working hard to acquire nice furnishings to eventually pass along to children anxiously awaiting them. No longer is that true. Children these days may elect to retain a memento or two but the majority have opted for small spaces and retro or recycled goods and simply don't have the room. So parents today can plan ahead with a living estate sale and contract with a company like to downsize and liquidate their accumulations. For those who do have family members with a wish list from their lifetime collections, take a moment to write a little note and place it in an envelope with the desired recipients name and tape it to the item. Many times that may also decrease confusion and be a wonderful last note from you when the time comes. Another idea if there is no family interested is a booth at an antique mall like to sell your goods to willing new owners and add to your fun money during your retirement years. In any case, just know that you are not alone and its ok if your children decline to take your treasure to their homes!

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